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  • Production Method of Alumina Hollow Ball Brick

    Production methods of alumina bubble brick: Add raw aluminum into furnace melted liquid, then pour furnace to make the solution flowing out at set speed, so that the flowing stream form 60 ° -90 °flat nozzle.

  • Analysis of High Alumina Brick2016/6/16 13:19:48

    High Alumina brick refractoriness are higher than that of clay and semi-silica bricks, which can be up to 1750 ~ 1790 ℃. High alumina bricks have high load softening temperature than the clay brick.

  • Refractoriness of High Alumina Bricks2016/6/14 13:28:23

    There are many types of high alumina bricks such as: blast alumina brick, casting port brick, etc. We use refractoriness to measure, which is the temperature reacheing a certain degree of softening.

  • Corundum Brick Tangible Products2016/6/12 19:16:34

    Corundum Brick Tangible Products: corundum refractory products, modified alumina bricks, corundum mullite brick products.

  • Performance of Lightweight High Alumina Castable2016/6/1 13:23:39

    The performance of lightweight high alumina castable is decided by the chemical properties of the surface pores and pore size characteristics.

  • Mullite Castable Technical Parameters2016/5/30 12:48:50

    Mullite castable application: for large circulating fluidized bed boiler furnace, cyclones, return valve.  Mullite castable chemical composition: (%) Al2O3≥92; 2, thermal conductivity: (W / m.k)

  • Corundum Stereotype Refractories2016/5/28 13:07:51

    Many kinds of corundum materials can be prepared as a monolithic refractory products and aggregate powder.

  • Chemical Composition of Fire Clay2016/5/24 19:56:53

    The chemical composition typical for fire clays are 23-34% Al2O3, 50-60% SiO2 and 6-27% loss on ignition together with various amounts of Fe2O3, CaO, MgO, K2O, Na2O and TiO2.

  • Affects of Firing on MgO-C Bricks Performance and Structure2016/5/18 21:47:03

    MgO-C brick performance will change greatly due to different firing conditions. due to the long time baking, the second combine is active in matrix, resulting in increased of elastic modulus, so thermal shock resistance is lowered.

  • Refractory Brick for High and Low Temperature Applications2016/5/10 20:31:14

    The silica firebricks that line steel-making furnaces are used at temperatures up to 1648°C (3000°F). Magnesium oxide is often used as a lining for furnaces.

  • Amount of Silicon Carbide Impact on the Iron Trough Castable Refractory2016/5/7 20:16:06

    With the increase of the amount of silicon carbide, castable gravity values ​​decrease, after 1450 ℃ burning, the flexural strength is increasing, as well as the porosity.

  • Factors Affect Refractory Castable Performance2016/5/5 19:09:48

    Castable can be classified by the raw materials (high alumina, corundum, silicon carbide), bulk density, refractoriness, acid-base properties and other many ways.

  • Refractory Classified on Fusion Temperature2016/4/25 20:13:34

    Based on fusion temperature, refractories are classified into three types:
    1.Normal refractory.
    2.High refractory.
    3.Super refractory.

  • Al - Si Firebrick for Glass Kiln2016/4/24 10:43:03

    Al - Si Firebrick for Glass Kiln: Grade 3 alumina brick; Sillimanite brick; Mullite Brick; Corundum Mullite Brick; Sintering corundum brick.

  • Data Sheet of Firing High-Purity Magnesia Brick2016/4/24 10:39:47

    Firing High-Purity Magnesia Brick: High purity magnesia brick; Directly bonded magnesia-chrome brick; Unfired brick magnesium zirconium brick.

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