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  • Dry Vibration Material and Ramming Mixes

    Short steelmaking process system (EAF - refining - continuous casting - continuous casting production model)will be the new production process of 21st century , with the advantage of compact layout process, short production cycle.

  • Magnesia Dry Vibrated Materials2016/8/16 20:10:42

    Sintering agent of Magnesia dry vibrated materials is generally iron oxide. Thermal decomposition of iron oxide at a high temperature, high iron to shift from low-cost iron.

  • Silicon Carbide Particle Sizes2016/8/12 13:38:41

    Silicon Carbide Particle Sizes are measured by Particles: Geometry with a specific shape within a range of sizes. Here, the size is generally between a millimeter to nanometer.

  • Role of Refractory Cement in Castable2016/8/8 13:55:38

    The cement itself is with impurities and excessive formation of CA6,which is disadvantageous for its refractory castable. So we need to consider its properties regarding to the use amount.

  • Parameters of Alumina and Alumina Hollow Ball Insulation Bricks2016/8/3 13:41:10

    Alumina and Alumina Hollow Ball Insulation Bricks have small thermal conductivity, used in insulation lining work or flame contact kiln and precision thermal equipment.


  • Development of Refractory Castable without Stirring2016/7/31 15:45:17

    Refractory castable without stirring is stirring mixed in the refractories plant with good liquidity, which can be used directly to the ditch, after a short baking, it will be able to use.


  • Silicon Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide2016/7/26 13:52:10

    Silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide takes quartz, petroleum coke as raw materials, gouache, salt as auxiliary material, which are put into resistance furnace for temperature smelting.

  • Corundum Dry Ramming Material2016/7/20 13:42:17

    Corundum dry ramming material takes boron oxide as a sintering agent, as Al2O3 and B2O3 can form inconsistent molten compound of 9Al2O3 and 2B2O3, the former melts decompose at 1035 ℃, the latter has melting point of 1965 ℃.

  • Effect of Zircon Powder and Aluminum Powder Dosage on Thermal Shock Resistance2016/7/16 13:25:06

    With the increase Zircon Powder and Aluminum Powder was added, the flexural strength retention rate gradually improve. The greater flexural strength value, the better the thermal shock resistance.

  • Introduction to Fire-Resistant Ball2016/7/9 15:02:13

    Refractory ball mainly takes industrial alumina and kaolin as the raw material. Refractory ball for regenerative fertilizer plant is especially suitable for high-temperature shift converter, reformer, etc.

  • High Temperature Sintering Changes of Magnesium Carbon Refractory Castable2016/7/5 19:16:14

    The strength of magnesium carbon refractory castable decreases as increasing of heating temperature.
    Becasue at the test temperature Graphite suppression material also hindered the ceramic material combined.

  • Chromium Corundum Brick2016/7/1 19:32:14

    Main mineral composition of Chrome aluminum brick is α-Al2O3-Cr2O3 solid solution. High chrome brick (Cr2O3≥90%) is mainly used at the key parts of kilns in coal chemical industry, chemical industry, etc.

  • Al2O3, TiO2 Castable Refractories2016/6/27 19:08:01

    More successful one is magnesium zirconium refractory castable, which are expected to replace the magnesia-chrome refractory castable.

  • Silica Fume Adding Ratio2016/6/24 19:38:52

    Silica fume is a new high-performance buildings or concrete admixture miserable mixture. General Silica Fume Adding Ratio in Different Cements: 1. High performance concrete: 5-10%; 2. Hydraulic concrete: 5-10% 3. Shotcrete: 5-10%

  • Mineral Composition of Chromium Corundum Brick2016/6/21 13:16:22

    Main mineral composition of Chromium corundum is α-Al2O3-Cr2O3 solid solution.
    Secondary mineral composition are a small amount of composite spinel (or without compound spinel),
    chromium oxide content of 1% to 30%.

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