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High Chrome Castable and Magnesium Chrome Refractory Castable
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High chromium refractory castable takes high purity fused chromium as aggregate, base material, processed by adding the right amount of industrial chromium oxide, corundum powder and made with low cement technology. High chromium refractory is widely used in the steel industry, petrochemical industry and coal chemical industry.




Magnesium chrome refractory castable is made from the fused magnesia chrome sand or waste magnesium chrome brick sand and its fine powder. or configuration with magnesia, chrome ore or chromium oxide. The main agent are phosphate, aluminum Calcium carbonate cement, knot and clay, magnesium sulfate, potassium dichromate, oxide superfine powder, of which the better one is polyphosphate.


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Over years development, refractories products have increased in varieties, covering mid-end and high-end series. Our refractory products are of high quality winning much trust and praise of customers from South Korea, India, Qatar, Indonesia and other countries.

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