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Properties of Lightweight Brick Refractory Castable
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Light refractory castable preparation and molding is basically the same with that of heavy refractory castable. The difference is that the light weight aggregate weight is small, easy to absorb water, so mixing should be called a good lightweight aggregate, poured into the mixer , The first amount of half the amount of water, wet mix evenly, together with refractory powder and refractory cement, etc., and add the remaining water mixing. In the molding, lightweight aggregate is easy to float, resulting in layered, so the vibration time is short and should be controlled.


It should be noted that the preparation of lightweight brick refractory castable, the general use of the bulk density of 0.8 ~ 1.2g / cm3 insulation brick broken refractory aggregate, particle strength. When the bulk density is more than 1.2 g / cm3 or less than 0.8 g / cm3, even in the crushing process, most of them become brick powder, and it is difficult to obtain the pellets. In the preparation of lightweight refractory castable, in order to reduce its bulk density, generally mixed with expanded perlite, ceramsite and vermiculite and other lightweight aggregate, the amount of 2% to 10%.


In summary, the light brick refractory castable cement, refractory powder and lightweight aggregate, the variety and dosage of different; mixed with water-reducing agent of refractory castable, water consumption decreased and increased strength is obvious . The addition of bulk materials with small bulk density can reduce the bulk density of refractory castables and enhance their thermal insulation properties. However, the strength of the castables decreases exponentially, and the more the amount is, the more obvious. Therefore, should be based on the use of thermal furnace conditions and the use of castable parts, reasonable preparation and selection of lightweight brick refractory castable, in order to achieve the longevity of the kiln and energy-saving purposes.


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