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Jinshi now has 8 series of refractory products, of which middle and high-grade refractories are the main products. We also have the first-class testing equipment, laid the foundation for the company's technical reserves and development. Our refractory products are of high quality winning much trust and praise of customers from South Korea, India, Qatar, Indonesia,etc.

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  Contact: Mr. Hu (Sales Manager)

  Mobile (WhatsApp): +86-13938286643  13937189448

  Tel: +86-0371-64376676

  Email: js@jinshirefractory.com

  Add: Xinxiang Road,Shangjie District,

Zhengzhou City,Henan Province,China

  • Alumina Bubble Brick

    Alumina bubble brick adopts Alumina bubble as the main material, high-performance ultra-fine powder as additive and organic binder material. After forming and drying, the alumina bubble products are baked in shuttle kiln at 1750 ℃.

  • Corundum Brick

    Corundum bricks are widely employed in the field of petrochemical industry and refractory to build the lining of high temperature furnace and firing chamber. Alumina content is greater than 90%.

  • Corundum Mullite Brick

    Raw materials of Corundum mullite bricks are high quality white fused alumina and high purity fused mullite. It is produced with high pressure and high temperature with rational proportion.

  • Mullite, Sillimanite, Andalusite Brick

    Refractory bricks made from mullite, sillimanite and andalusite show the features of superior anti-erosion, good thermal shock resistance and excellent creep resistance, which is used in glass furnace, alkali-free fiber furnace, blast furnace, hot blast stove, refractory tunnel kiln, etc. Andalusite refractory bricks is mainly used in cooling stave of blast furnace, ceramics and chemical industry.

  • Zircon Brick

    Zircon brick adopts high purity Australian high purity zircon sand as raw material with fused corundum, mullite and high purity binder, which is produced with high pressure and temperature.

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Over years development, refractories products have increased in varieties, covering mid-end and high-end series. Our refractory products are of high quality winning much trust and praise of customers from South Korea, India, Qatar, Indonesia and other countries.

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